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05 Dec

Mortgage Brokers – How We Help You

Mortgage Brokers connect people who are looking to borrow money to purchase property or refinance and existing loan, with a bank that is best for them. Simply, brokers provide value to clients by saving them time, money and stress.

17 Mar

LVR – Impacting Home Loan Interest Rates & Fees

The Loan to Value Ratio (LVR) shows how much a property is being bought with debt (bank loan) compared to cash. Homebuyers should understanding this ratio as it determines how much interest and fees borrowers will pay. Click here to learn about interest.

02 Feb

$1,114 Increase In Monthly Loan Repayments in 2023 For Fixed-Rate Borrowers

The RBA is expecting over 800,000 households to experience a massive increase in loan repayments as there fixed-rate mortgages expire in 2023. On average, loan repayments will increase by $1,114 per month as the interest rate moves from 2% to 5.25%. To minimise the rising cost of interest, homeowners will need to refinance their home loans before increasing rates make them ‘mortgage prisoners’.

23 Nov

Introduction To Interest Rates & Ways To Reduce Interest Expenses

Regarding home loans, interest is basically the cost of money charged to the borrower (homebuyer) in order to compensate the lender. An interest rate is applied to the loan amount which produces a dollar amount of interest that is charged to the borrower. As such, loan repayments made by the borrower will cover the interest charged during the period and a portion of the actual loan amount (principal).

27 Oct

Home Equity – Impacting the Cost and Refinancing of Mortgages

When talking about property, Equity refers to the amount of the property value that is owned by the home-owner. When purchasing property, equity is initially dependent on how much of your own cash you use and is then over time is affected by changes in the property value.