Investing and Wealth Creation

Investing and Wealth Creation

We create diversified and transparent portfolios that are aligned to what you’re trying to achieve.


Initially we will need to work through what are your investing goals.

For each goal we will need to look at much you’ll need to save and how long you have to reach it. For example, taking a $10,000 holiday in one year, or reaching $500,000 in superannuation before you retire.

Then divide your goals into:

  • short term (0 to 2 years)
  • medium term (3 to 5 years)
  • long term (5 years or more)

Setting and defining your financial goals will help you pick the right investment to reach each goal.

Once we have worked through your goals, we’ll educate you, set realistic expectations and manage your emotions through the ups and downs of markets.

Portfolio Structure

The way we structure your portfolio will depend on your financial goals, investing time frame and risk tolerance.

For short-term goals, lower-risk investment options are better such as; savings accounts, term deposits or government bonds. These investments are lower risk as they’re less likely to fall in value and you can access your money.


For longer-term goals, investments with higher returns such as shares and property, can be better. These investments are higher risk but you’re investing long term, so you can ride out any short-term falls in value.


It’s important to make sure we diversify your portfolio across different asset classes and within each asset class. This protects you against losing too much if the value of one investment falls.


We can help set up regular investment plans into managed funds to suit your specific wealth creation goals.

Alana Zubcic – That one chat we had after an RPM class one day saved my life!!  I’m still forever grateful for you Janine recommending me your sons business