Success Stories

Luke - Excavator Finance

🚜Luke B Purchases an Excavator to Help Grow His Plumbing Business🚜

Sole Trader Luke contacted us as he has been running his own plumbing business for a while now and he was finding that constantly hiring an excavator was impacting on his overall profits.

He had put together cash flow projections that showed how a new excavator would help his cash flow and how this would help him secure more business going forward.

We were able to help Luke to secure a loan for the Excavator which he now owns.

Whether it’s a new car, excavator or equipment for your business we can help secure you a commercial loan too.

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Nic - Super and Personal Insurance Review

🏉 Emerald Bombers Captain Takes Steps To Protect Himself & Partner Financially & Start His Path To Retirement Early 🏉

Nic Jansen has become another of our valued members of the MJ Financial Chiefs community.

Nic came to us to see if we could review his current Life, TPD and Income Protection insurance policies to make sure they were appropriate for his current needs and he wasn’t paying too much as the current policies were implemented over 2 years ago.
Along with his insurance we were able to review his current superannuation fund. Nic did not have an ongoing relationship with his current adviser; however, he was paying a reoccurring annual fee through his superannuation.

We have restructured Nic’s superannuation to ensure he is on the right path building funds for his retirement and have removed his ongoing fees as there was no need for ongoing management at his age. We have also updated Nic’s Life, TPD and Income Protection levels to reflect his current life stage.

It is important to review your insurance every couple of years due to changes in your circumstances and market offerings.

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Scott, Kami & Jet - Refinance To Reduce Interest Rates

🏡Chiefs First Client Reduces Interest Rate!🏡

Scott, Kami and their dog Jet were MJ Financial Chiefs first client.

With an interest rate of 4.89% they approached us looking to see if they could reduce their rate as they heard current rates available were under 4.00%.

After exploring the market and the different bank institutions, we were able to find a bank that reduced their interest rate by over 1% and has an offset account attached to suits their needs.

Scott and Kami are now putting more money towards their mortgage, whilst paying less interest saving them thousands of dollars over the term of the loan.

If you’d like to reduce your interest rate and see what’s available to you CONTACT US and we would be more than happy to help.

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Jason & Gaby -
Refinance, Debt Consolidation, Super & Insurance

👨‍👩‍👧Young Family with A New Financial Direction👨‍👩‍👧

It was a balmy summers evening when Jason and Gaby first contacted us. With a home loan interest rate of 4.26% and some other debt that had been structured poorly with high interest rates, their cashflow was taking a hit.

When speaking about their values, it was clear that family was important to them. They wanted to ensure they had the appropriate insurance in place to pay off all their debt if something were to happen to them and income protection in place to help with their everyday expenses in the event of illness or injury.

We were able to refinance, restructure and consolidate their current debt onto a reduced interest rate of 3.81%. This freed up additional cashflow for the young family reducing their stress levels and interest paid.

We have since applied for appropriate insurance for both Gaby and Jason of which are partly paid out of their superannuation and cashflow for Jason’s Income Protection where he will receive a tax deduction for this premium.

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Chase - Income Protection

🎊What a great way to start the New Year!🎊

Chase and the family came to us worried about how they would pay their bills if Chase were unable to work.

Chase plays football and wanted to ensure his income was protected if he were to become injured during football or during everyday life.

Chase now has peace of mind through an income protection policy which will enable Chase and the family to live without financial worries.

We are so pleased that we were able to make a difference to this young family’s life!


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Matt - Super and Personal Insurance Check

🏉Starting Pre-Season with Income Protection & A Financial Health Check🏉

Tooradin Dalmore Football Captain Matt L is one of the newest members of the MJ Financial Chiefs community.

Matt came to us as he wanted to review his current superannuation and insurance position to make sure it was appropriate for his current needs. Matt did not have an ongoing relationship with his current adviser; however, he was paying a reoccurring annual fee through his superannuation. He also had his life, TPD and income protection policies put in place 4 years ago that did not reflect his current situation.

We have since restructured Matt’s superannuation to ensure he is on the right path building funds for his retirement.  We have also updated Matt’s life, TPD and income protection levels to reflect his current life stage. The bonus for Matt is that while he has increased his levels of insurance and the features in his policies the premiums have decreased and he is able to pay these premiums through superannuation.

If your situation has changed it may be a good time to have a financial health check.

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Laxmi - First Home Buyer

🏡 Facebook Ad Helps Laxmi Move Into Her New Home 🏡

Laxmi found our details through a Facebook advertisement where she noticed we were offering a  first home buyers program. She left her contact details and from there we were able to meet up and begin helping Laxmi on her home buying journey. We are absolutely delighted to have been apart of her home buying milestone!

“My husband & I would like to give a huge thank you to MJ Financial Chiefs and most importantly to our broker Justin. Justin was so easy to talk and had quick response, that made us comfortable throughout the whole process of obtaining a home loan. To secure a loan from a bank was not easy. However, Justin always gave us hope to keep going. Justin was also very knowledgeable and being a first home buyer that gave us a lot of assurance. Again, we would like to give a massive thanks for Justin for his dedication and perseverance throughout this journey. We are so happy with our choices and highly recommend Justin as a broker & MJ Financial Chiefs.”

Laxmi V

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Evan & Olivia – Purchase New Home

🏡Evan & Olivia Move Into New Home🏡

We were talking to Evan and Olivia for close to a year before they found the place, they now call home. Their situation had a few complications, we were initially finding a lender that considered common debt reduction but due to a change in circumstance and new jobs we had to find a lender who was more flexible with employment policies.

After considering all of their situation we were able to assess how much they were able to borrow allowing them to search and find their dream home.

It was an absolute pleasure helping Evan and Olivia all the way through the home buying process and we are so happy for them now they live in their ideal location.

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Ben & Emily – Super / Personal Insurance Review

👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 Collingwood FC Physio Ben Shipperd and Wife Emily Take Steps To Protect Their Young Family Financially & Get a Head Start For Future Retirement. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧

The Chief community grows by 4 as we welcome the Shipperd’s to the MJ Financial Chief family.

Ben & Emily came to us after having their second child to review their current Life, TPD and Income Protection insurance policies now that their situation has changed. Ben had last reviewed his policy 3 years ago and wanted to ensure he was not overpaying for his insurance.

The couple were also keen to get on top of their current superannuation funds, knowing that structuring their investments and reviewing their current fees would make a difference in their superannuation balance at retirement.

We have restructured both Emily’s and Ben’s superannuation rolling them into a cheaper product with investments that meet their risk profile. This will allow them to build their retirement funds effectively for retirement. We were also able to update both Emily’s and Ben’s Life, TPD and Income Protection levels to reflect their current life stage, whilst finding them cheaper premiums helping their cash flow.

If you are in a similar situation and would like to have a chat with us, please contact us for a free consultation 😊

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Nathan - First Investment Property Purchase

👷‍♂️First Investment Property! Amazing Renovation Job!👷‍♂️

Congratulations on a massive May for Nathan! He has not only purchased his first investment property, but he has also completely transformed the place inside and out.

Check out the pictures below showing what he has done to this place in a matter of weeks adding instant value to his property. If you need any carpentry or renovation services, make sure you get in touch with Nathan Rennie and his brother Brayden Rennie who has helped him out immensely.

From our perspective, it’s been a pleasure helping Nathan with getting the loan for his first investment property and watching the enjoyment he’s had from renovating the home himself.

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Jock - Refinances Home Loan & Reduce Interest Rate

🏃‍♂️ 💸 Jock reduces his interest rate sub 4% 😃

Jock approached us regarding his existing home loan as he had been with his current bank for 4 years and was not happy that they were consistently raising the interest rate on him to a point where it was above 5.00% p.a.
This was affecting his cash flow as his minimum repayments were increasing and the amount of interest he was repaying over the term of the loan was also soaring upwards.

As Jock is self-employed, this limited some of the lenders we could access for Jock. However, we worked closely with him and his accountant to prepare the require paperwork for this application and have managed to reduce his interest below 4% p.a. Saving Jock $$$.

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Adam - First Home Buyer

🏡Congratulations to Adam on buying his first home🏡

Adam came to us earlier this year expressing interest in buying his first home. He initially wanted to know how much he could spend, what concessions or grants he was eligible to receive as a first home buyer and what it meant to have guarantors on a loan and if it was appropriate for him.

We sat down with Adam to run through all the specific home buying details that were relevant to him so that he was clear on the process and how much he could spend when he began his house hunting.

After doing this, it didn’t take long for Adam to find his dream home. So we explored his options and managed to find a Financial Institution that best suited his needs!

Adam is now a proud owner of this magnificent home!

If you are wondering how much you can spend we’d be more than happy to walk you through the process of buying your new home.

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Alana - Debt Consolidation & Refinance

🏋️‍♀️Cardinia CrossFit Gym owner frees up cash flow!🏋️‍♀️

Alana reached out to us late in 2018 to discuss her cashflow as she is a business owner and also has her own family. She discussed how a lot of her time was spent taking classes at the gym which is her passion and that managing the business finances was becoming too time consuming.

When we looked through her business and personal debt together, we noticed that over time her debt had been established in many different areas and that it was not structured in the most appropriate way to suit her needs.

We were able to consolidate Alana’s debt onto a reduced interest rate through one lender which is easier for Alana to manage and has freed up additional cashflow for Alana to spend on growing her gym or spoiling her family.

Anyone in the Pakenham area make sure you get down to check out Cardinia CrossFit Gym! Some amazing classes and people involved down there.

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Adrian - Income Protection & Superannuation

🚘Mechanic Gets Protection🚘

Adrian is a mechanic and has been wondering how he would be able to pay his bills if he was out of work for a period of time. Adrian had done some surfing on the internet investigating different income protection options; however, he was unsure on all the specific features he required.

We discussed with him what his maximum monthly benefit could be, what wait periods and benefit periods meant and how he is able to claim a tax deduction for his income protection insurance.

Adrian now has an income protection policy that is tailored to his needs with a provider that is cost effective for him as a mechanic.

We were also able to get Adrian on track with his superannuation rolling him over into a cheaper product that allows him to invest appropriately to set him on the right track for his retirement.

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