Retirement Advice

Retirement Advice

Ensuring you live the retirement you deserve takes careful planning.

Retirement is a time of life for you to relax and do the things you have always wanted to do. However, it can also be a dauting time in your lives as you are unsure how long your funds may last you and what you will be able to spend each year.

Careful planning prior to your retirement can help you transition smoothly into retirement. The questions that we can help you with before and during retirement include:

  • When can you retire?
  • How much money do you need in retirement?
  • What type of lifestyle will you be able to fund in retirement?
  • When can you access your superannuation and how do you do this?
  • Will you have access to government support such as the Age Pension?
  • Will you be able to leave a legacy to your children or grandchildren?
  • Will you need to downsize your home?

The earlier we begin developing your goals for retirement, the earlier we can plan a strategy to help you meet your retirement expectations.

Some of the options available to help you to build wealth for your retirement include making additional non-concessional or concessional contributions into superannuation, building wealth outside superannuation or purchasing a guaranteed income stream product to ensure you have income throughout your retirement.

If you have met your preservation age and you would like to reduce your working hours a transition to retirement strategy may be best suited to supplement a portion of your lost income by drawing an income stream from your superannuation money.

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