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27 Oct

Home Equity – Impacting the Cost and Refinancing of Mortgages

When talking about property, Equity refers to the amount of the property value that is owned by the home-owner. When purchasing property, equity is initially dependent on how much of your own cash you use and is then over time is affected by changes in the property value.

17 Jun

Minimising Interest – Offset and Redraw Facilities

We as homebuyers who have relied upon mortgages to help purchase property are always looking for ways to minimise our monthly repayments. The common strategy is refinancing to cheaper loans, however lesser known options are to utilise offset accounts and redraw facilities which can either fully remove, or minimise the interest charged to borrowers.

15 Jun

Strategies to combat rising interest rates

Soaring house prices over 2021 have reduced housing affordability for many homebuyers, especially younger first-home buyers. Saving up a 20% deposit is difficult at current prices, causing many to purchase property with a low deposit, leading to a downward spiral as the lenders charge LMI fees, further increasing the cost of purchasing.