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About Us

MJ Financial Chiefs was established by Michael and Justin as a way to help friends, family and the extended community to reach their financial and lifestyle goals.

No one feels more proud than us when you buy your first home, make your first investment, reach your retirement goals or establish personal insurance to cover your family.

Justin Smaluch

Financial Planner and Mortgage Broker

Michael Wallace

Financial Planner and Mortgage Broker

  • Certified Financial Planner CFP®
  • Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting and Finance)
  • Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning
  • Diploma in Mortgage Broking
  • Member of Financial Brokers Association of Australia
  • Member of Financial Planning Association
  • Member of Tax Practitioners Board

The Financial Chiefs

Michael and Justin considered writing individual ‘about you’ sections; however, they quickly realised the sections were going to be identical.

So here is a bit about them:

Michael and Justin grew up going to school together and living next door to each other. They have always had a competitive side trying to beat each other in whatever they have been doing, whether that be multiple table tennis games, pool games, learning guitar quicker than the other or against each other in local sport.

Justin and Michael continued their development progressing through university, finding ways to ensure they were in the same group for assignments. They have also continued their studies after university as they completed an Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning and have recently been completing their Certified Financial Planner (CFP) studies.

Both Justin and Michael enjoy road trips and travelling where they can meet all types of people from different cultures.

The only real clash Michael and Justin have is when their arch rivals Carlton (Michael) and Collingwood (Justin) play against each other.

Michael and Justin now look forward to establishing long term relationships with you, helping you achieve your financial goals.